Wednesday, February 25, 2009

the country that invented the automobile

Like many Americans, I was listening to the President last night. I paid particular attention (or so I thought) to the part wherein he spoke of the US auto industry---I drive a GM car and even I think they should be cut loose from the taxpayer purse strings.

So when I heard the President say the the country that invented the automobile would not be backing away from it, I was startled but intrigued. Was Germany really coming to our aid? That would be great, since Sweden has backed away. And Germany, after all, owes the world a bit of debt after the 20th century--this would be a great start for the 21st----you know, bailing out the US auto industry and all.

But I now see from the blogosphere that I misinterpreted the President's remark. Apparently he meant the US. Did it really escape the attention of a billion (or so) speechwriters that the US did not invent the automobile? Jeepers. Take some of the stimulus money and hire a fact checker.

And chalk one up for the hundreds of rounds of "go to the head of the class" that I played on the McConnell's front porch in Little Rock, ARK. How far away . . .

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