Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dogs Change Lives

 Susquehanna Service Dogs is sponsoring a cool contest called Dogs Change Lives

Susquehanna Service Dogs knows quite a bit about how dogs can change lives.  SSD dogs change the lives of their puppy raisers, of the people they meet during their 2 years of training, and the lives of the people they are matched with.  These are amazing dogs.

But SSD knows that dogs of all types change lives every day.  There are dogs working in security and anti-terrorism----these dogs change our lives every day and we don't even know it. Dogs work with public safety professionals, as screeners in airports, as search and rescue partners, and as conservation specialists--finding endangered plants and animals.  Dogs really are amazing.

I've had three wonderful dogs in my life.  Katrinka, a sweet German Shepherd who loved to play; TarBaby, a gorgeous tricolor collie too senstive for a life as a show dog, but just right for a teenaged girl; and sweet Wyatt Marshall Earp, a retired working dog who remains the most amazing dog I've ever met.  He's changed so many lives, and certainly has changed mine in wonderful ways.

Please celebrate the many wonderful dogs who change our lives every day by writing a story and submitting it on http://www.dogschangelives.org/.  Prizes will be awarded to the two best stories submitted, and I'm looking forward to reading them all.   For many reasons, I'm not elegible to win, but I will certainly be voting for my favorites.

Here's to Dogs!