Saturday, September 6, 2008

A new way to talk?

Have you seen  It was launched this summer as "a new way for women to talk" on the web.  Egads.

I tried to like it.  The "hair day" alert on the banner gave me a little pause at first, but I decided to accept it as perhaps having a little fun with the women's magazine model.  Ditto with the horoscope.  Ditto with section on who has the best legs.  

It wasn't until I got to the reader response section that I knew with certainty I was in the wrong place.  The mean-spirited remarks are so rampant, and so personal. would be a better name.  Count me out of this new way to talk.   I'll take the old way.   If we can't all get along, can't we at least have a little civility?

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