Thursday, September 25, 2008

I love new york

I had the good fortune to be in New York on Monday through Wednesday, and it was a pretty busy place. The UN was in session, the clinton global iniative was opening, Wall Street was melting down--and I was just happy to be back.

I was in midtown, my least favorite part of town, but spent the evening in Soho eating well and looking at art I could never afford. It was great to be there.

And guess who I met? A grand-slam winning tennis player, pediatric cancer advocate extraordinaire, nun. I felt like I was meeting the personification of my last few blog posts.

She was extra-ordinary. Really. Delightful, smart, personable, fun, and gracious. I told her about skater aid, about my son teaching me to play tennis, and about the weirdness of hearing Ave Maria out of the blue--am I being called??

She wrote my son a lovely note, and generally impressed the heck out of me.

I love New York.

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