Monday, September 15, 2008

Fighting Back

A friend of my family has a young son battling pediatric brain tumors. He's a twin, and I have the newborn picture of him and his brother in a frame in my office. What sweet big boys they were---over 7 lbs each!

It's a struggle far-away friends can only marginally participate in---the family hunkers down and pours all their energy into the critically important details of fighting the fight. He's doing well right now, and we are all grateful.

In support of his fight, and the fight of many other children and families, we're supporting Skater Aid this year. Skater Aid is based in the Atlanta area and encourages the skateboard community to support research in the area of pediatric brain cancer. I don't know any skaters, and the child I'm thinking of doesn't live in Atlanta, but I know the organizers and I know that research anywhere in the world helps everyone who encounters this disease.

We're also supporting the early intervention work of Keystone Human Services in honor of our nephew who was born amazingly prematurely, and is now, at 2 years old, as cute as he can be, and our niece who is no longer with us, but whom we think of with love every day.

Please join me as you are able in supporting these efforts.



Anonymous said...

Thank you for your support of SkaterAid and the Brain Tumor Foundation for Children. I'm passing your link to the the organizers who will be encouraged and touched. All proceeds from SkaterAid go directly to this foundation, and you can donate diectly to the BTFC through their website:

Nina said...

thanks for the followup. Good luck with the event!