Thursday, May 7, 2009


So many things happening in my little life-----things that keep me way too busy.

Work on my house continues---onward to my bedroom, which will hopefully have built-in shelving/cabinetry soon. I have many many books, and I like it that way, but I need more shelf space!

While planning this next step with the carpenter who will do the work, we had the usual polite exchange----you know, the "how's work; are you busy" kind of small talk one has. I said I was busy, but that I know that work s a privilege, and that being busy is a good thing. He stopped completely what he was doing and gave me a hard look.

"Parenting" he said sternly "is a privilege. Your job is not a privilege, it's a necessity. Parenting is the greatest privilege you'll ever have. Pay attention to that."
And then he went back to work.


Then later in the week at Chinese class, Ma Lao Shi told me that she and her husband have suspended all travel for the year because they need to be home and available to their children, who are all right around the age of mine. She too looked at me sternly and told me to focus on parenting. Wo hen mang, I told her. She didn't smile.

So, as I plan a week-long business trip to Eastern Europe, I am torn. Perhaps I should put a moratorium on my travel. It is a lot. Perhaps the universe is telling me to focus on what's really important in my life.


Andrea said...

Oh goodness. You're a wonderful mother. Of course all good parents doubt that all the time, but I never doubt it about you. Yes, of course, pay attention to parenting. And no, he doesn't need you less in spite of what he might be saying. But you're doing fine.

Nina said...

thanks for the vote of confidence, I wish I were as confident

Bella Stander said...

Other people have their own agendas. Maybe your contractor is going through a divorce and/or has problems with his kids. Maybe the Chinese woman is envious of your being able to travel; and maybe she's saving face by citing her children instead of finances as the reason for staying home.

Your kid would be a lot worse off if you didn't travel because you didn't have a job. So banish the guilt and go on your business trip.

P.S. Many thanks for comment on my blog!

Nina said...

banish guilt! There's a stretch goal!

thanks Bella, I'll try