Monday, April 27, 2009

Another new day

We've had wonderfully unseasonably warm weather here, and I'm choosing to think of it as a birthday gift to me from the universe.  So, thank you!

Also for my birthday a 15-year old bottle of Laphroaig showed up at my house, partly in honor of another 15 year-old.  Good gracious, people grow up quickly around here . . . .

Things are difficult at work, but that's nothing new, and certainly not worth writing about.  Work on the house continues, and that's encouraging.  It's starting to look like a house I want to live in, which is nice.  I'm reading a really interesting book about Gypsies, Bury Me Standing, by Isabel Fonseca.  I have an upcoming trip to eastern Europe, so I'll pay more attention this time.


Enjoy the Day!

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