Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I'm Sedentary . . . .

But not for long, I hope.  I joined a group of people taking the 10,000 step challenge and I'm trying to improve my overall health. 

 I have cervical spine "issues" and I live a lot of my life in pain.  So, what's happened to me over time, and to a lot of people who have conditions like mine, is that I've become sedentary.  Because it hurts to move around, I don't.  I sit a lot.  That builds on itself, of course, so I've become increasingly unfit, and increasingly unlikely to move around.  That makes me cranky, antsy, and generally off my game  (just ask my family.)

I'm pleased to be taking this challenge along with people I work with.  I'm a long long way from 10,000 steps a day, but I'm wearing my pedometer, and will keep you posted on my progress.  Right now I'm squarely in the beginner category, but I'm hoping to stick with it.   

 Wish me Luck!

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Andrea Rusin said...

Good good luck! I'm trying to reclaim my health and fitness, too. I'm trying not to beat myself up about how slowly it's going, but that's not my best event. Literally... it's one step at a time. All I've gotten so far is one day a week of yoga and one day a week of rock climbing. We're nearing the end of bike season, so I'm not even reliably doing that any more.