Saturday, August 16, 2008

going to the beach--phase one

Half the family is now at the beach.  It's quiet here, and I'm wishing we were there--although this morning I was glad not to be part of the packing rush.

I have a new Magellan GPS system, and he/she is in need of a name.  I spend a lot of time being lost, so I'm looking forward to having this system. I'm relying on it to guide me to the beach on Tuesday morning.  My son tells me that naming or anthropomorphising one's digital accoutrements is hopelessly old-fashioned, and yet it seems that the human voice guiding me through the maze of interstate highways ought to at least have a name.  

I've googled women explorers, and come up with Isabella, which has a nice ring to it, but I'm not sure yet.  I'll keep looking, and I'm open to suggestions.  She seems to be a she, but perhaps only because I haven't figured out yet how to change her voice.

I'll keep trying . . .   with any luck, inch 'Allah, and with her help, my next post will be from the beach.

Au revoir


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Andrea said...

OH! I just saw one of these on sale. I think I need one too. Fernanda? (as in Ferdinand Magellan?) Or Maggie, for Magellan? Marco kind of works, if you can turn it into a boy, since we have so many Marks floating around in the family. I'll muse some more...