Friday, August 22, 2008

Ahh Vacation

We're at the beach. Even in a tacky falling-down last-minute rental condo, life is good. We got here with the help of my son and Isabel (I'm testing out that name for my GPS.) We made only one wrong turn and drove in circles for a while waiting for the satellite to figure out that we didn't do what she was telling us to do. Other than that--perfect!

The weather is here, wish I were beautiful. The ocean water is warm (or what passes for warm in these parts--70-71-ish. That's just barely tolerable on my warmness scale.

We had dinner at the Backyard restaurant to celebrate an anniversary---it was nice, and brought back memories of many other dinners we've had there. some happy, some sad. I could see the table by the fence where I cried through the entire dinner. This is a happier time.

This is a town where my husband and I have spent much time together. About five years ago I decreed that we would come here no more. Enough! Enough tangled memories, Enough enduring beach traffic through PA and NJ, Enough complications with my in-laws and vacationing in close quarters with them. Enough! Basta!!

But, clearly I've relented and it's good to be back. I planned the trip to be here for half a week, and crossed paths with my mother-in-law. we arrived on Tuesday, she left on Tuesday. it's better for everyone that way.

so many posts waiting to be written---but for now, the boys (my son, my nephew, and my husband) are all itching to get to the water. Me too.



Andrea said...

Oh my lands, you are very VERY brave. I'm glad you could put the ghosts of the old thing to rest and enjoy your new vacation in the old place -if that makes any sense.

Nina said...

I don't know if those ghosts ever really rest, but their power to frighten fades. They still haunt some places, but it really was nice to be back. It teetered occasionally on slipping into old bad rhythms, but we pulled it out. It felt OK to revisit -- I guess I'm in a mood to revisit some complicated geographies.---Mt Holyoke, Rhode Island, Stone Harbor . . . what next?

Andrea said...

There'salways Little Rock.

Anonymous said...

that sounds like the title of a country song.

Akira said...

Wow… you have lot's of things to enjoy in a single vacation trip.