Saturday, July 26, 2008

working too hard

I had a strange experience at work last week. I have been working on a presentation for about ten days--nonstop. There was simply too much work to accomplish in the time allotted. Oh, I had help---expert consultants, an intrepid assistant, who copied and faxed, proofed, and collated--- but the pitch was mine. All the mistakes, overlooked risks, misunderstood opportunities were mine. I felt my inadequacy acutely.

So the time came to present, and it went beautifully. Amazingly well. I'm not sure how it happened, exactly, but it really all turned out great.

Hmm. I'm sure it was a fluke.


Greg said...

glad its over and went well for you !

Andrea said...

It couldn't be that are smart and prepared and thoughtful and insightful. Nah...probably a fluke.

You don't let ME get away with that nonsense. Turnabout and all that!