Monday, July 14, 2008

looking around

Coming out of a pain episode is hard and takes more time than I like to allow.  The universe, however, has indefatigable rules about these things, and it takes what it takes.  A famous philosopher, I can't remember who (!) opined at length once about the folly of trying to accomplish things in too short a time frame.  Fine wine, good scotch, and re-emerging from pain all take time.  One rushes such things at one's peril.

Anyway, I'm now re-emerging and it's going well.  There are very interesting things happening at work  (terrible, yes, but interesting--to quasi-quote Mr. Ollivander the wand-seller) the landscaping in my front yard is done, the purple-cone flowers have bloomed during my time in seclusion, and in general I'm glad to have another go at things.

Some lovely things have happened recently.  We had a nice backyard picnic with neighbors we rarely see, and spent a lovely evening outside eating steamed clams and talking.  A friend (I must write a thank you note) brought me back 15 year old single malt scotch from a recent trip to Scotland.  He doesn't even like Scotch (or so he claims) yet he went to distillery after distillery to find one he thought I would like. very peaty and dark . . .  Now that's a good friend!

One day, perhaps, I'll go there.  It's fun to dream, and it's nice to have room in my head for something good.


Greg said...

glad you are feeling better ! I love steamed clams but will pass on the scotch.

Nina said...

thanks Greg. It's good to be back in the world a little bit.

Andrea Rusin said...

Was it that dude over at, who psoted on my blog once?? ;)

I'm glad you're feeling better. Start packing!!!