Saturday, August 15, 2009

rediscovering an old friend

I'm back to my old friend, my blog, after a summer hiatus. It was a summer of working hard, visiting with friends (but not enough) gardening, and, of course, my old hobby, worrying. Many days went by and I considered giving up this guilty pleasure of blogging. After all, I really don't have anything all that interesting to say. I much prefer reading/listening to what other people are saying.

But blogging is a way for me to keep an eye on myself. Its a way to help me stay a little less frantic and a little less panicked by the world around me. So, I'm back.

And I'll be heading off to Mississippi with my son in a few days--to celebrate the 50th birthday of a sister. I can't wait! The last time I was in northern Mississippi I was my son's age, and was traveling across small towns to link back up with friends in Arkansas. And I was with my now-50 year-old sister. I haven't been back since.

This will be a very interesting trip. I'm sure I'll need to write about it a lot to process it, so brace yourself!


Greg said...

glad you are back, have fun

Andrea Buford said...

Lord love a duck, look who's back. What a sight for sore eyes. Seriously.... you DO have interesting things to say, and if blogging helps you tease them out and honor them by expression, well then.... get to work!

Nina said...

thanks for the encouraging words.