Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas is Almost Here!

Even at my advanced age, I can't help but be excited about the impending holiday. Christmas Eve is one of my favorite days of the year (along with the summer solstice, but that's another post) and it's almost here! I'm expecting family to arrive tomorrow, and I've been scurrying around trying to get things ready.

Things done:

Stocking are hung by the chimney;
House is as clean as it's going to get;
Sheets are washed, beds are made;
Shopping is mostly complete;
Tree is mostly decorated;
Champagne has been procured.

Things not quite done yet . . .

I haven't thought through the whole "food" thing, but I think the Chinese place down the street delivers;
Presents are not wrapped yet;
I didn't iron the sheets (horrors!)
Not all presents have been fully procured;
Two cans of paint sit unopened---the walls will remain as they are for now;
The dog could use a bath (he smells a bit like a dog, I'm afraid)

But, regardless, all will be well, I am sure. For all those travelling, Godspeed. For those travelling to my house, I can't wait to see you!!

Merry Christmas to All.


Andrea Rusin said...

I'm anxious to see all of you. I don't care about paint. I do want to give Wyatt a good long hug, though, so perhaps the bath ... ? ;) We'll deal with food and grocery shopping tomorrow, how's that?

Patrice said...

Ironed sheets..what the WAH? I'm sure all will be perfect! I am starting to feel sad not to be there. Sam has gone to his Dads for Christmas...a last minute change of plans that illustrates how easy it STILL is for Sam's Dad to talk me into things. So Christmas morning it wil just be me, Buck and Mom. I'm debating whether I should get a bottle of champagne just for me. Probably not a good idea but I might do it anyway.