Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Vista Panorama Perspective

That's how describes the word "vista." No one who is reading a blog doesn't know that Vista is also Microsoft's newest PC operating system.

Well, I'm writing this on my Windows XP laptop, which Microsoft would like to de-support soon, because last night, in its infinite wisdom, at 3:11 am, Microsoft updated my Vista home PC. Now it is hosed. I've been tinkering with it all day, uninstalling the updates, trying to reset to the factory defaults, making copies of the files I can't live without, and I'm really frustrated. Did I mention that the PC is only a few months old? This really stinks.

Why would they sell such a flawed piece of software? Why are they making it so hard to keep using XP, which for all its myriad flaws is at least stable? Sure, this OS has much to like---features that have been in Mac for years, but missing in Windows. But, Steve, it needs to WORK! I know you and Bill have had some trouble with the transition, but until now you have left me out of it. Now you've taken your argument to my living room. Stop it!

I'd like to think you're going to fix this problem with another update next week, but since my PC is so confused that it no longer recognizes its own NIC, and certainly can't connect to the Internet, any such fix will bypass me. Thanks Steve. I'll keep this in mind at the meeting next week when we decide on the desktop OS strategy for the three thousand employees I work with. My company can't afford to run a help desk staff large enough to deal with this kind of thing every Wednesday morning.

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